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Personify Fitness is all about you, personalising your journey to your health and fitness goal around social, family and work commitments.


About Personify Fitness

Personify Fitness was founded in January 2018 by Ben Short.

Fuelled by passion for running and client progression, the Personify Fitness brand was created and expanded to a core training group. As the personal bests grew, so did the training groups and today 4 training groups are complemented by bespoke online plans to guide individual success.

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Happy Clients

For someone who struggles to maintain focus and drive, the fact that Personify Fitness’s Ben has introduced our accountability calls has been a massive game changer. It reinforces the fact that I'm not doing anything because my personal trainer is telling me, I'm doing it because if I don't, I don't get the results that I want. Ben has a great understanding of humanity and our ability to fall off the wagon and what is needed to jump back on with even more determination than before. Thank you! Just what is needed to form the consistency to achieve.
I've worked with Ben on and off for the last couple of years. Couldn't recommend him more! Highly motivating, knows his stuff and will support you to get the results you're looking for. Thanks Ben!
Anna N
I was blown away by his enthusiasm and encouragement from the minute we met. Ben is always on hand to share his expert knowledge and answer ALL of my questions! Everyone needs a Ben in their life!
Personify Fitness personal training has changed my life and since training with Ben I have seen so many improvements, physically, mentally.The sessions are always adapted around your current goal and then your pushed hard to reach your goal. I really enjoy every session with Ben and the team. Great sense of community and support from them all, we feel like we all achieve together.
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