Tips to Reduce Muscle Cramping

Tips to Reduce Muscle Cramping 1

In this article by Personify Fitness Head Coach, Ben Short explains some tips on how to reduce the risk of muscle cramps.

Avoid Maranoia: Taper FAQs

Avoid Maranoia: Taper FAQs 2

In Ben’s latest article, he discusses tips and frequently asked questions on avoiding “Maranoia” – the fear of something going wrong before a marathon.


Recovery 3

You’ve just had surgery or picked up a long term injury and you know it’s time to rest and let your body physically recover… but what about the psychological side of recovery?

Food And Energy Levels

Food And Energy Levels 5

Everyone has an opinion or viewpoint on nutrition as it is such a constant within our day. We can often overhear discussions on what new diet, superfood or favourite treat food from friends, family members or colleagues. With 85% of UK Adults experiencing stress, this article explores how food can be our stress buster, improve our mood and even mental wellbeing.

Energise vs Carbicide

Energise vs Carbicide 6

Great discussions with the Personify Fitness Group on perfecting carb loading ahead of endurance events, we wanted to share some of the useful tips (mainly focused around their half marathon and marathon goals)

Breathe More Easily

Breathe More Easily 7

You can’t see them or touch them and because of that, they are often neglected. Yet Personify Fitness’s Ben Short says our lungs are the gateway to a healthier, more energised body

Banish Back Pain

Banish Back Pain 8

Forty per cent of us suffer from back pain and it is one of the biggest reasons for days off work. Personify Fitness Coach Ben Short says it is possible to be pain free if you are prepared to invest time in your body.

Hell Yes, H2O

Hell Yes, H2O 9

There is one very simple step that can make a powerful difference to your health, concentration and moods – that’s drinking more water, says The Life Coach Ben Short.

Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy 10

Is lack of sleep dragging you down? Before you reach for the sleeping tablets, try these tips from Ben Short.